Damilola Taylor killer's release date delayed following prison fight

14th October 2011, Comments 2 comments

A man convicted of killing Damilola Taylor is to stay in jail for up to another year after beating up a prisoner days before being released.

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  • Robert Park posted:

    on 15th October 2011, 16:50:21 - Reply

    From his developing track-record this fool is most likely to be a resident of Her Majesty for some considerable time; like the proverbial yo-yo he will be undoubtedly be back inside secure custody as he is too maladjusted to function adequately in the free society.
  • Robert Park posted:

    on 15th October 2011, 16:41:05 - Reply

    Proof that this guy is too irresponsible probably due to arrogance to hold any political post; hopefully, he will be removed from this responsiblity.