Criminals spared jail commit more than 18,000 violent and sexual attacks within year of sentence

30th December 2011, Comments 1 comment

Tens of thousands of people a year suffer violent or sexual attacks at the hands of criminals spared jail, figures show.

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  • Jennings posted:

    on 30th December 2011, 15:38:51 - Reply

    Imprisonment does work and it need not be so costly if examined closely. There are far too many high security establishments which are not necessary; they exists so that staff can justify there own existence. Having ceased 'open' recruitment into prison management, officers who are taught methods of riot control are advanced to management level and become nothing other than 'super screws'! There is a need for generalists to be in prison management rather than those indoctrinated in methods of compulsion. We need governors who have the capacity to create regimes that are conducive to change when there would be no need to attempt to force change on the individual prisoner who would learn from a regime that was favourable to bringing it about. This idea does not imply making the system more comfortable; all that is necessary is to ensure basics rights and nothing else. The whole system needs to be closely re-examined but by those who have the perception to understand, culled from wide experience in other disciplines. Change (in attitude) cannot be forced but it can be induced indirectly and at a much lower cost. Sadly, by the nature of people in society, the ideal is not likely to happen yet the theory exits and it has been shown to be effective but in each incident it was ignored. That's life. Society is safer when the maladjusted are incarcerated; it is only then that attitudes can be changed. The reduction in youth detention centres is a mistake; they were the best regimes that existed in penal reform.