Coalition strikes to go on until Kadhafi meets UN terms: US

29th March 2011, Comments 0 comments

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that allied air strikes would go on in Libya until Moamer Kadhafi met UN terms, stopped attacking civilians and allowed in humanitarian aid.

Speaking at an international conference on Libya in London, the chief US diplomat also called for a "united front of diplomatic and political pressure" to force Kadhafi to step down after more than 40 years of power.

Military action will continue "until Kadhafi fully complies with the terms of (UN resolution) 1973, ceases his attacks on civilians, pulls his troops back from places they have forcibly entered, and allows key services and humanitarian assistance to reach all Libyans," Clinton said.

However, she said the international community had to go beyond providing military action.

"All of us have to continue to (increase the) pressure on and deepen the isolation of the Kadhafi regime," Clinton said.

"This includes a united front of political and diplomatic pressure that makes clear to Kadhafi that he must go, that sends a strong message of accountability and that sharpens the choice for those around him," she said.

"It includes financial pressure, through the vigorous enforcement of sanctions," she said.

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