China, Britain looking for stronger ties

27th June 2010, Comments 0 comments

Chinese President Hu Jintao Saturday hailed new British Prime Minister David Cameron's willingness to build a stronger relationship with China as they held their first face-to-face talks.

Meeting ahead of the G20 summit in Toronto, Hu said he had invited Cameron to visit China in November. Cameron has accepted, aides said.

Cameron's coalition government, which took power last month, has spoken of the importance of building stronger relationships with emerging economies such as China.

Speaking through an interpreter, Hu said Cameron had called him on his second day in office, "signalling his readiness to make a stronger relationship" with China.

"This fully shows the great importance the new government of the UK and particularly yourself assign to the relationship with China. We highly appreciate that," Hu said.

Cameron's visit to China will come en route to the next G20 summit in Seoul. He said: "I attach a great importance to the relationship between Britain and China and it's a relationship I want to oversee myself.

"I look forward to our strategic dialogue."

His coalition's program for government speaks of working for closer ties with China while standing firm on human rights issues.

The two leaders did not mention human rights in their comments, or the issue of China's currency reform which is expected to be a major topic of conversation among G20 leaders.

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