Britain's ruling party has 'lost mandate': Cameron

7th May 2010, Comments 0 comments

The leader of Britain's main opposition Conservatives David Cameron said Friday the ruling Labour party had "lost its mandate" in the general election.

Cameron, battling to end 13 years in opposition and succeed Gordon Brown as premier, said Britain needs "new leadership."

"We have to wait for the full results to come out, but I believe it is already clear that the Labour government has lost its mandate to govern our country," Cameron after elections forecast to leave a hung parliament.

"Although there are still many more results to come out, it looks as if the Conservative party is on target to actually win more seats at this election than we've done at any election for perhaps as long as 80 years."

Exit polls and partial results indicated that the Conservatives were set to win the most seats in the 650-member House of Commons, although falling short of an absolute majority of 326.

There are now suggestions that Labour could try and team up with the Liberal Democrats to govern if the exit polls are proved to be accurate.

As Cameron was announced as the winner in the Witney seat near Oxford, west of England, he said that Britain wanted a fresh start.

"What is clear from these results is that the country, our country, wants change," Cameron said.

"That change is going to require new leadership and whatever happens tonight, we will stand ready to do all that we can to help bring that leadership, to help bring strong, stable decisive and good government for our country.

"What will guide me in the hours ahead, and perhaps longer than the hours ahead, will be the national interest, to do what is right for our country, to make sure we have that government, we have that stability, we take the right decisions."

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