Britain urges action to match talk on Libya

16th March 2011, Comments 0 comments

British Prime Minister David Cameron urged world leaders Wednesday to match their rhetoric over Libya with action, as London tries to press through a no-fly zone at the UN Security Council.

Cameron acknowledged the opposition to the plan and said a no-fly zone was not a simple solution, but he insisted that the world must act to stop Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi brutally crushing the rebellion against him.

"Of course there are a wide range of views in the UN but I would urge those to take the right steps so that actually we show some leadership on this issue and make sure that we can get rid of this regime," Cameron said.

Britain, France and Lebanon -- on behalf of the Arab League -- presented a resolution Tuesday on a no-fly zone and other measures at the UN Security Council, but it faces stiff opposition, led by China and Russia.

"Every world leader has said that Kadhafi should go, that his regime is illegitimate," Cameron told lawmakers at his weekly question and answer session in parliament.

"If at the end of this he is left in place that will send a terrible message not just to people in Libya but to others across the region who want to see greater democracy, greater openness in their societies."

The prime minister added: "I'm not arguing that a no fly zone is a simple solution to this problem -- of course it isn't.

"But I do think it's part of one of the steps we need to take to isolate and to pressurise this regime and to say that we stand with people in Libya who want to have greater democracy and greater freedom just as we take for granted in this country."

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