Britain targets UN vote this week on Libya resolution

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Britain hopes for a vote within three days on a UN Security Council resolution it has drafted setting up a UN mission in Libya and easing international sanctions, diplomats said Wednesday.

The resolution was sent to the other 14 members of the council on Tuesday night and Britain hopes a vote on the resolution can be held by Friday, a British UN mission spokesman said.

The first talks on the resolution were to be held on Wednesday.

The resolution primarily sets up a UN mission to help Libya's national transitional council set up a post-Moamer Kadhafi administration and organize elections. Western nations also hope to end Security Council tensions over the Libya crisis however.

"We are trying to bring together the Security Council after a period of tensions, if not divisions, over the past six months," a western diplomat said.

Russia, China, South Africa, India and Brazil strongly opposed the NATO attacks in Libya and have been carefully monitoring the moves to end sanctions.

The draft resolution proposes maintaining provisions on the protection of civilians so that NATO can keep up air strikes if needed, diplomats said.

The resolution calls for what the western diplomat called a "progressive but controlled" lifting of sanctions against Libyan companies and state bodies so that money can be sent to keep the economy moving.

The UN Libya sanctions committee has already unfrozen more than $16 billion dollars in cash and assets held in several western countries, diplomats said.

An asset freeze against Kadhafi and his family and associates would be maintained.

A mission of about 200 UN experts and staff would go to Libya to carry out mainly political and administrative work, though some advice could be given on policing, diplomats said.

No elections were ever believed to have been held in Libya during Kadhafi's four-decade rule and the diplomat warned that political events in coming months could be "chaotic and messy" and would need UN help.

The UN General Assembly's credentials committee was to meet this week to decide on whether the national transitional council could take up the Libyan seat at the UN.

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