Britain says to deploy four extra strike craft to Libya

15th July 2011, Comments 0 comments

Britain will deploy four extra strike craft to Libya to increase pressure on Moamer Kadhafi's regime, a foreign ministry spokesman said Friday.

"We are putting four more Tornadoes in the theatre to do intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and they will also have a strike capability as well," spokesman Gavin Cook told AFP on the sidelines of the fourth meeting of the Libya contact group in Istanbul.

"There is a need with the NATO operation for that," he said.

"It wasn't a NATO request, basically the UK decision is a response to the fact that Kadhafi continues to brutalize (his) people, threaten them and this is an opportunity to put more pressure and also the ability to get the information to target the forces which continue shifting and adapting."

Last month, Defence Secretary Liam Fox said Britain's military operation in Libya will cost around £260 million (300 euros million, $419 million)

Britain deployed Apache attack helicopters over Libya this month in an attempt to use their formidable firepower to break the stalemate in the fight between rebels and Kadhafi's forces.

Royal Air Force Typhoon and Tornado aircraft have conducted hundreds of bombing missions over Libya along with aircraft from the United States and France.

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