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Last update on November 13, 2019

Here are some popular national groups and clubs for women up and down the country.

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Women’s Club of Central Scotland

The American Women’s Club of Central Scotland is a social club established to enable American women to meet other Americans living in the area. Its purpose is to promote intellectual, social, and charitable contacts by and for Americans and their families living in Central Scotland.

Women’s Club of London

Founded in 1899 as the “Society of American Women,” the American Women’s Club of London has for over 100 years provided a welcoming atmosphere to expatriates living in London. The purpose of the American Women’s Club of London is to provide social, cultural, educational and philanthropic activities for our members living in London.

Chilterns American Women’s Club

Location: Buckinghamshire
CAWC is a network of friendly faces, all of whom were ready to help with my adjustment to the expatriate lifestyle.

The Chilterns American Women’s Club meets monthly on the second Thursday of each month, September to June. At these general meetings, we visit with other members, share our latest experiences, and sign up for various activities. The general meetings offer practical information and feature a different speaker or activity each month. We also have vendors who sell unique British and also American products

CAWC offers many interesting activities, including outings to local attractions. Our newsletter, The Connection, is emailed monthly and is filled with information about CAWC activities, upcoming events, and local tips. It’s a great way to stay informed.

Thames Valley American Women’s Club

Our goal is to offer friendship, support and local resources to expatriate families living within the Thames Valley. While the majority of our members have close ties to North America, we welcome anyone in the area who would benefit from club membership.

The club’s activities include social and charitable works as well as informational speakers and leadership opportunities.

The North American Connection

The NAC provides a network of people who understand the benefits and challenges experienced when moving to a different part of the world.  Although most of our members are from the United States and Canada, we also have members from other European countries and Australia. Some of our members are English women who have a particular interest in the Club or specific Club events, like our Book Club.  The Mentor Coordinator within the NAC matches new members with older members to help during those first few months of transition.

The NAC organises a variety of activities and events, some of which are described below.  The complete list and a calendar of activities is available to all active members within our Newsletter; upcoming events are also listed within the Members Only section of this website.

American Women of Berkshire and Surrey

AWBS is a friendly group offering amazing opportunities to travel, do charity work, attend lectures and join activities. This is all organized by other AWBS members. Participation is the key; get involved and hopefully you can begin to feel that England is a wonderful place to live.

Here at AWBS you will find women just like you – women new to the UK who are looking for fun activities, a philanthropic slant, and great outings. It is so comforting to meet women who are going through the same transition as you are, and also to soak up advice from the ones who have come before. We are a diverse group and move to the UK for different reasons, but we are all here to enjoy our experience and take advantage of all that AWBS has to offer.  AWBS also has fresh activities and events for returning members, who are eager for the opportunities to travel, attend lectures, or catch up with old friends.

American Women of Surrey

The American Women of Surrey was founded in 1975. The club’s objectives are to welcome and assist newcomers and their families; to promote friendship and cooperation among members; to futher members’ knowledge and understanding of England; and to give financial and material support to philanthropic projects in Surrey and overseas.

Although our membership is primarily American, we are delighted to also have Canadian, British, Australian, Dutch, German, Japanese and a variety of other nationalities represented in our membership. Furthermore, membership is not limited to women; men are welcome too!


Canadian Women’s Club of London

CWC members range from Canadians who are permanent UK residents to those who are here only temporarily. We also have a number of non-Canadian members who have links to Canada and want to keep those links active. We welcome all women who have an interest in getting together to enjoy Canadian hospitality in the UK.

The CWC organises a wide range of events and activities to cater to the varied interests, schedules and lifestyles of our members – from those who work full time to those who have more flexibility during their day. CWC members enjoy the opportunity to get together, exchange ideas, broaden horizons and participate in our wide variety of activities and charitable work.


Danish mothers’ group c/o Danish Church

[email protected]
Location: London


London Indian Sub-Continental Womens’ Club 
London born or new in town, into Bollywood or Bridget Jones, Muslim or Hindu, sensible or a wildchild, Tamil/Bengali (or thoroughly English but your encounter with people and places Asian left you with an appetite for more)

New Zealand

New Zealand Women’s Association

The membership live, not only all around the British Isles but also in New Zealand for some of the year, (usually the summer months) and attend our Meetings when they are in London.