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Last update on November 13, 2019

We trawled the country to find some of the best women’s groups and clubs that were open to all internationals.

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International Women’s Club, Edinburgh

The main focus of the Club is to provide women of every nationality living in the Edinburgh area with the opportunity to meet each other regularly to share their culture, history, art, language and culinary traditions. In addition to the meetings which take place monthly, a variety of tours and activities are also arranged.

Humberside International Women’s Club (HIWC)

The Humberside International Women’s Club (HIWC) was established in 1995 in response to the increasing number of women from other countries moving into the area. It was founded to offer friendship and support to International ladies settling into the Humberside Region, as well as English ladies returning to the area after an extended stay abroad.

Kent International Club

The towns of Kent around Sevenoaks seemed a natural drawcard for expats wanting to experience the countryside of England combined with the easy access to London.

In many cases, and it is still true today, these wives had to give up professional careers, leave family and friends, be faced with a foreign language to learn and a new culture to adapt to.  The immediate contact with women in similar situations helped make this adjustment that much easier.

Today, you don’t have to be new to England to qualify to join KIC.  If you are from another country, or a Brit who has lived abroad as an adult for 12 consecutive months or more, you are welcome.  A full programme of social events and activities awaits you.

Northwood Area Women’s Club (NAWC)

Location: Northwood – Middlesex
The Northwood Area Women’s Club (NAWC) is a multinational, informal, social, and non-profit association for women living in the outer London area encompassing, but not exclusive to, Hillingdon, Hertfordshire, Harrow, Middlesex and Buckinghamshire.

Petroleum Women’s Club of Scotland

Location: Aberdeen

Originally founded in 1972 by a group of five oil-related wives, the Petroleum Women’s Club, based in Aberdeen, has grown in membership over the years.  This is an international club which sets out to promote friendship and understanding among all women connected with the petroleum industry.  Members and their families are warmly welcomed during their time in the North East of Scotland.  We currently have 27 nationalities in our membership.

St John’s Wood Women’s Club

The St. John’s Wood Women’s Club (SJWWC) is a social and civic non-profit organization that promotes friendship and fellowship through its many activities and social events. We welcome citizens of all nationalities and are dedicated to enhancing the “London Experience” for all our members and their families.

Currently we sponsor over 20 activities a month, ranging from Golf and Tennis, to Culinary, Country Hikes, Local Travel, Stitchery and much more. These activities are coordinated by member volunteers, and all members are encouraged to sign up for as many activities as they choose each month.

Junior League of London

Founded in 1978, the Junior League of London (JLL) is an organisation of women volunteers committed to promoting voluntarism in all its forms, developing the potential of women and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. We empower our members to serve as catalysts for positive change throughout London, working collaboratively with over 30 community partners such as schools, community centres, and other non-profit organisations.

Hampstead Women’s Club

The Hampstead Women’s Club (HWC) is a multinational social organization for women living in the London area. Our purpose is to provide a sense of community through social, educational and charitable activities. We provide an abundance of wonderful activities to help you meet people and experience London. Whether you’ve been here your entire life or have only just arrived, you are bound to find something that interests you.

Kensington Chelsea Women’s Club

The Kensington Chelsea Women’s Club (KCWC) is a non-profit, volunteer organization formed to foster friendship and interaction among women of all ages and nationalities living in London. Founded over twenty years ago, we provide opportunities for members to make new friends and experience together so much that London offers.

We now have more that 1500 members from various countries and cultures, including native Londoners. Rather than being daunting, we look at this as one of our strengths. It means that there are likely to be others with your particular interests. We make the welcoming of new members a top priority. And best of all, you’ll be involved with other women who understand the transition to living in London.

There are usually thirty or more activity areas at any given time, ranging from Golf, Tennis, Bridge, Antiques, Art History, Book Clubs, Cooking, Local Travel, Walking Groups, New and Expectant Mums, Parenting, etc. We also have an activity group for women who work in London. Activities are offered to members on first come, first serve basis.

Activities are run for and by the volunteer members of the KCWC and we are happy to encourage our members to become involved in the on-going activities of the club.