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Last update on February 18, 2020

All work and no play? Here is a list of international clubs in the UK for expats from various corners of the globe.

On the following pages are links to clubs and groups relating to European countries. If you know of a group of club in the UK you would like listed, please let us know by getting in touch at [email protected]

This guide to clubs in the UK includes:


Armenian Community and Church Council of Great Britain
Location: Online
Useful links and events listings for the Armenian community in the UK.


Austrian Club London
We are very pleased and proud of our association with the Austrian Embassy, the Cultural Forum, the Trade Commission and other Austrian organisations in the UK and we can look back to many successful joint-ventures.
We offer a variety of events, networking-evenings, outings and functions to suit all our members’ tastes and will convince non-members and friends of Austria to join our Club and stay with us for years to come.

Austria Club Birmingham


Vlaamse Club in London
This website is the club house for the Vlaamse Club Londen (“VCL”), the Flemish Club in London. The VCL wants to create a meeting place and networking opportunity for the many Flemish and other Dutch speaking people in the Greater London Area. The VCL organises a broad diversity of professional, cultural, social, sports and leisure activities on a regular basis, each time with a Flemish background.


Clubs in the UK

British Croatian Friends Society
A not-for-profit society (NGO) started to encourage relations between British and Croatian citizens. This is an open community space to share ideas, events, news, common interests, language, to make friends and contacts.


This is an umbrella organisation that runs several chapters of Danish gatherings throughout the UK.

Anglo-Danish Society
The Anglo-Danish Society exists to promote closer understanding between the United Kingdom and Denmark by arranging lectures, outings, social gatherings and other events of interest to its members and their guests.

Danish Club
The oldest foreign club in London.


The French living in Oxford
Meet other French Expats in your area!


Meet people in UK

Irish World Heritage Centre
The Irish World Heritage Centre is the main venue for the Irish community of Manchester to socialise in a welcoming and friendly environment and pursue Irish cultural activities and celebrate the rich heritage of Ireland. Over the centuries, Irish people who emigrated have contributed to world progress. The Irish World Heritage Centre is dedicated to the achievements of those men and women, largely forgotten.


Den Norske Klub
DNK is a social club with a program which includes Klub dinners, lunches, golf tournaments, ‘julebord’ and other events. As a result of the Klub’s long existence and extensive network, it is in a position to attract celebrities and other well known persons to its events, frequently on the levels of Government, Parliament and senior management of major Norwegian businesses.


Leicester Polish Community
The Club is a members club and has provided support and assistance, to the Polish Parish of St Paul’s, in Leicester, for over 40 years. The Club re-located, with the Parish, to the new Polish Centre, on Wakerley Road, in November 2003.

Federation of Polish Folklore Groups In Great Britain
Promotes Polish folk culture throughout Great Britain, both within Polish communities and to the British public. It also organises Polish Folklore Festivals and other performances in Great Britain.


British-Russian Society in the Midland
Location: Birmingham
The society exists to bring together all those who have an interest in the Russian-speaking world. The society plans to run regular meetings, usually with guest speakers. The programme covers topics and issues concerning Russia and Eastern Europe, including culture, politics, economics and business. You will have opportunities to hear and speak Russian, but a knowledge of the Russian language is not essential.

Meet up UK

Russians in London
This groups is for Russians in London; people interested in meeting Russians in London and others who are interested in Russia, the Russian language or people who have links with Russia and Russians.


The London Swiss Expats Meetup Group
Fairly active group for Swiss in London.


Hertfordshire Anglo-Scandinavian Society
Our membership includes not only Swedes, Danes and Norwegians by birth, but also people with family, friends or business connections in the Scandinavian and Nordic countries. Others have travelled to Scandinavia or are interested in the area, its cultures and its peoples. We have a wide ranging programme of both Scandinavian and local topics and meetings include a talk or activity followed by a chat over refreshments. Society traditions include our Julefest celebration in December, and an annual summer outing.

Hampshire Anglo-Scandinavian Society (HASS)
The society was formed in 1973 and currently has just over 100 members or member families. Our membership is mainly made up individuals or families living in the Hampshire area with some Scandinavian connection.
The activities of the Society is mainly aimed at maintaining the Scandinavian traditions and promoting our cultural inheritance including sharing this with our children and friends.

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