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Last update on November 13, 2019

All work and no play? Here we list social clubs relating to African nationalities across the UK.

On the following pages are links to clubs and groups relating to European countries. If you know of a group of club in the UK you would like listed please fill in our online form. Add a group or club here.


Moroccans in the UK



Saffers – South Africans in Cambridge

Name says it all. Will elaborate later, anyone welcome (not just South Africans). Meet once a month in Winter at Nandos or other, and twice a month in Summer, Nando’s and then alternatively at the Orchard, or somewhere sunny for a good old fashioned “Braai”. Genunie “Boerewors” and South African wine to be quaffed.

South Africans in the UK

A “no-nonsense” Facebook group for South African ex-pats and travellers who want to gain useful tips from (and maybe network with) their fellow countrymen & women who are living in the UK.


The London Expat Tunisian Meetup Group