Senior Software Engineer (Kotlin/Java) – Bet Trading, Models

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What you’ll do

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We’re looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join the bustling hive of excitement and innovation that is our Bet Trading Tribe. Our Tribe is the touch point for all things sports book betting and trading, & our squad supports and develops software that provide traders with the tools they need, providing real-time risk data in intuitive and useful ways.

The squad builds tooling for our in-house traders to gain the upper hand on the competition and maintain a great product for our customers. We build and own our market-leading in-house Trading Engine which provides SkyBet with its innovative football pricing, handling 33.4 million market updates between 3 and 5 PM on an average Saturday afternoon.

A tight-knit squad, we work as cross-functional, autonomous, agile units with the mentality of the team succeeding over personal wins. You’ll have the opportunity to contribute across the board so we’re looking for someone who has the ambition to continuously learn new things and expand your skill base. You’ll be a key figure in a team that work tirelessly to build software that helps us make the right decisions for our customers, whether it be providing them with great offers, or keeping them safe. We’re proud of our team and we want you to be a part of it.

How you’ll do

As a Senior Software Engineer in Trading Models you will be contributing to our full-stack codebase straight away, reviewing other engineers’ code and releasing to production. You will…

  • Turn concepts and requirements into highly available applications and systems using industry standard languages and technologies including Kotlin, Node.JS and React
  • Whilst some of our software runs on SkyBet’s inhouse Kafka and Kubernetes platforms, Trading Models heavily utilise managed AWS services so that we can focus on building better products rather than setting up infrastructure. You’ll use serverless technologies such as Lambda, DynamoDB, S3, SNS, API Gateway and many more
  • While experience in the above tools is advantageous, it is not a requirement as we expect engineers to pick up skills on the job
  • Engineers will be expected to work in an Agile Software Delivery squad, contribute to the team’s ways of working and fully embrace a teamwork mentality through practices such as pair programming and a no-blame culture
  • Whilst we have dedicated testers and on call engineers in the team, every engineer is responsible for quality and ownership of our services. You will be expected to contribute to all parts of the test pyramid
  • Take operational responsibility for the services your squad owns, assuring services are up to the required service level through regular testing
  • Work with your squad to develop and implement real-time monitoring, good alert design and first-rate logging strategies to easily check health and availability of services
  • In your first few months, you will be expected to become familiar with our full-stack codebase, and ways of working. Pairing with an existing engineer and tackling small tasks as you find your feet
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