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Senior Software Engineer

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For too long there’s been a belief that university, supplemented by corporate training, is the only route to a successful career.

Is this the role you’re looking for? If so read on for more details, and make sure to apply today.

We empower and support people to create their own realities as they journey through a fulfilling career.

Multiverse is a true alternative to both a one track university route and often uninspiring corporate training.Together we’ll change what’s possible in education and work.

We are many backgrounds, mindsets and talents.

All pushing in one direction.

Join us and help open up many pathways to a life of learning – while accelerating your own.We’re breaking down an old system and building a better one.

So we’ll ask you to roll up your sleeves, try new things and make brave choices in everything you do.

We’re a team that thrives on each other’s different experiences, skills and ideas.

Every day you’ll work and learn with great people as you challenge each other to achieve something incredible.

We’re moving fast towards great things – and we want you on the journey with us.

You’ll have the opportunities and support you need to shape your career, and the scope to build the business we’ll be tomorrow.
*About the role
*We are a small cross functional and agile team working with an exciting tech stack! We use Elixir for the backend and Elm for the frontend, although we’re using Phoenix LiveView more and more, but don’t worry! Most of our team hadn’t used any of these languages before they joined.

You’ll have the opportunity to work across the different areas of the product and bring your own perspective and ideas.
** Collaborating with Product Managers, Designers, UX Researchers and the rest of the Engineering team members to solve important problems
* Helping to evolve our system, organically without over-engineering, promoting simplicity and working software
* Promoting constant refactoring, pair programming, iterative development, CI/CD, infrastructure as code and a high level of testing in order to ensure confidence in our release process
* Defending the integrity of the codebase, never compromising on code quality
* Helping the team improve and grow in skills and processes
* Reviewing code
* Fixing the occasional bug 🙂
*Experiences & Skills:
** Full stack experience writing readable, maintainable code
* Strong understanding of agile, lean, and DevOps principles
* Strong understanding of testing and CI/CD
* Strong in Javascript/HTML/CSS
* Strong in at least one backend language (Elixir, Ruby, Java etc)
* Willingness to learn new languages / technologies
* A collaborative approach to problem solving and a desire to work in small autonomous teams
* (Bonus) You have experience in any functional languages (particularly Elixir or Elm)
* (Bonus) You’ve worked on scaling a product globally
* (Bonus) You have a good understanding of infrastructure as code tools (Terraform, Chef etc)
* (Bonus) You like mentoring and assisting junior developers and apprentices in our team to help them grow-
* Share Options
* 27 days holiday
* Pension
* Flexi-working
* Perkbox benefits
* 10% development time
* Recruiter call
* Video call x2 engineers
* Tech Test
* Video call with Product
* Founders interview
* Offer!JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Ruby, Java, CI/CDJavaScript, HTML/CSS, Ruby, Java, CI/CD, Elixir, Elm, Terraform, Chef, Agile

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