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SCA HVAC System Engineer

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About Us
Edvance is a joint venture between EDF and Framatome, an EPCC established in 2018 in charge of the design (basic design) and the realization (studies, procurement, erection, testing and commissioning) of nuclear islands for new projects in France and worldwide. Spearhead of the French nuclear industry, it aims through its objectives and challenges of economic competitiveness and performance, to position itself sustainably in nuclear markets internationally and those of the renewal of the French fleet.
In particular, Edvance is responsible for the design and construction of the nuclear island for the Hinkley Point C project and for the design of the EPR2, an optimized EPR model incorporating the feedback from the ongoing EPR projects. It will also carry out new nuclear offers and projects in France and abroad.
As part of the Responsible Designer for the Hinkley Point C EPR project, Edvance provides the design for the Balance of Nuclear Island (BNI). The BNI design is split between the office in Paris and in Bristol, Edvance UK.
Edvance UK is responsible for delivering the design for a number of NI buildings, systems and equipment contracts for the Hinkley Point C EPR Project through an integrated team, support to HPC construction and commissioning activities, and preparing design replication feasibility and engineering activities for the Sizewell C Project. Therefore a Disciplines Directorate is being created, responsible for the engineering disciplines and technical expertise required to deliver the different engineering projects through integrated teams in Edvance UK.
General Assignment
The System Engineer will be responsible for performing the necessary engineering analysis, including the supporting calculations, for a specific system(s) in order to produce the system documentation required for the HPC project working from either the EDVANCE UK Bristol office or later on-site as part of site engineering. The System Engineer will act as the central point of contact for system(s) which fall(s) under their responsibility. This role is for a System Engineer specialising in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning).
Main Activities
Responsible for system design and system integration into overall HPC design:
Produce, Review and update the system documentation for the mechanical and thermo-hydraulic design, electrical, operator instructions, human machine interface, safety and environmental, control logic design, as well as periodic testing in compliance with the engineering rules, methodologies, quality processes, and tools
Particularly for Instrumentation and Control, performing the analysis for defining the I&C Functional Requirements of the system and production of the I&C logic :
* Writing of the Instrumentation and Control Functional Requirements
* Writing of Detailed Functional Diagram (DFD)
* Writing of the FTP (Functional test platform procedure) specifications
* Analysis of the results of the FTP tests
* Writing of P5 text (I&C logic description)
* Writing of P6.x (alarms sheets, operating images, operating modes)
* Particularly for mechanical design:
* sizing of components e.g. pumps, fans, pipework, pressure relief valves, tanks
* Perform thermal-hydraulic calculation and modelling with in house or commercial tools
* Ensuring the 3D model is consistent with the intended system design
* Formulate equipment specification and provide the data in respective database or data sheet
* Support to procurement team in formulation of technical specification for contract documentation
* Support to procurement team in technical surveillance of supplier documentation
* Analysis and verification of input data, requirements, and lessons learnt from other stations
* Engage proactively with all stakeholders around the system in Edvance to ensure the delivery of a product meeting the requirements set by all disciplines (layout, civil, hazard, nuclear safety, environment, configuration management, procurement …)
* Contribute to topics around good practises, innovation, improvement of processes, and quality
* Participate in experience sharing activities within the discipline
* Management of modifications related to the system including:
* Managing requests for modifications to system(s) issued by various external parties by producing specifications and following engineering cycle (I&C and/or mechanical design changes specifications)
* Analysis and verification of the applicability of these modifications and challenging them as appropriate
* Developing technical solutions and presenting them to the client to help resolve technical issues (technico-economic optimisation approach)
* Utilising the electronic Engineering Change Management tool
Support to System Coordinator for relevant building:
* Producing and updating component datasheets for handovers with detailed designers
* Producing and updating P&IDs with all relevant design changes for handovers with detailed designers
* Liaising with other stakeholders through participation at kick off meetings, gate reviews etc relevant to the system.
Qualifications and Experience
Mechanical or Chemical Engineering degree or equivalent qualification
Knowledge of HVAC
Knowledge of Instrumentation and Control design
Experience of producing design documentation and Test Specifications
Knowledge of nuclear system design, thermal-hydraulic calculation and modelling
Working knowledge of fluid mechanics, heat transfer and thermodynamics
Relevant experience in the nuclear industry
Ability to effectively manage own workload in order to produce high quality documents and respect deadlines
Excellent interpersonal skills
Ability to communicate clearly and accurately, both written and orally, in English
Proactive and confident in communicating with others, particularly those based in remote offices including France, Germany.
Proactive in developing positive working relations with others within the project
Continuously looking for opportunities to improve quality of engineering studies and the subsequent documentation produced
Knowledge of EPR system design principles, Instrumentation and Control architecture and Safety Classification
Experience of working on an operating plant or on an industrial site
Ability to speak and write technical documents in French
Please indicate if this role requires the candidate to be able to obtain a BPSS clearance: No
Workplace: Bristol (Aztec West) Movements: Bristol based with potential trips to Paris (max twice per year) or HPC site
Level of Experience:
Lead Engineer

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