Sales Director – Sports Education (Children)

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Looking through job adverts is a bit of a lottery – searching for that one opportunity that excites you, that motivates you and that you want to be ‘the one’.

Make your application after reading the following skill and qualification requirements for this position.

Hopefully you have found it here as we have an opportunity that is as special as it is unique! Our client, Sport4Kids have an amazing opportunity for an individual that is interested in working in the sports education industry training and developing children.

Sounds fantastic already – and it genuinely is.

This is a customer-centric role and it requires a pioneering spirit as you will be building a business in a new territory and the best news of all that territory is right where you live now, or where you want to live if you want to move.

Furthermore, this is an opportunity for you to own your own business, not just be an employee (again).

If running your own business in the sports industry is not something that interests you then we recommend that you move on as this will only appeal to those individuals that want to break free from the corporate world and move into something different.

About our client Sport4Kids have spent the last four years building a sports model with multiple revenue streams that operates 364 days per year.

The potential is huge in a market that is massive and to facilitate their rapid growth they are seeking franchise partners to take a territory and trade as Sport4Kids.

It’s a revolution and Sport4Kids have engaged Colin Jackson as their Brand Ambassador and he is wholeheartedly behind the S4K Way and what it stands for.

Importantly the educational and scientific structure behind the programmes that Sport4Kids offer is based on sound and proven methodology.

The Opportunity This is not a role where you become the sports coach – this is where your ability to run and build a sales business is paramount.

You will be supported by the S4K Business System, comprehensive training and the High Performance Team of Sport4Kids to help you get the business off the ground but it is your enthusiasm and passion that will have to shine through to build a business that will become a multi-million pound business for you.

Good things don’t come easy and this is not a role for the faint-hearted.

It requires a personal financial investment (c£50k) to secure the position.

Think of it as being akin to becoming a Formula One driver – you don’t get paid the big bucks unless you invest the effort, the time and the money at the early stage! There will be huge competition for these roles.

The role

  • Business owner – growing, controlling and running your own business
  • Sales focused but customer centric – it’s all about changing lives by educating children
  • To fully embrace the principles, benefits and business objectives of S4K
  • To build a growth focused business and to plan and execute all growth principles of the S4K business System
  • To invest and build a high quality coaching and management team capable of executing the S4K Brand and values
  • To become the S4K face, voice and brand ambassador in the Franchise territory and to locally promote the brand and its business services at every possible opportunity The rewards
  • £1million plus revenue after 3 to 5 years and up to £4million opportunity over 5 to 10 years – multi territories available for further expansion
  • Massive gross profit margins and net profit circa £350K plus after 3 to 5 years
  • Powerful S4K Business System and strong support network
  • Modest overheads – an innovative lean and cash positive business model
  • Prestige and prominence in your community, rewarding experience doing great things for our children and UK sport
  • Sporting balanced lifestyle working with Icons of sport such as Colin Jackson CBE
  • Being part of the S4K Family, going "The S4K Way" and joining "The Revolution of Childrens Sports The person
  • Senior management experience – ideally corporate or consulting
  • Persuasive communicator and positive sales person
  • Seeks a challenge
  • Demonstrable record of career success
  • Passionate about educating children
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