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Psychology Graduate Windsor

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Psychology Graduate Windsor and Maidenhead – Education and Training – Psychology Graduate Windsor and Maidenhead – LSA role to begin June 7th, ABA Tutor focus. Role can also commence September 2021, will be for the academic year through to July 2022.

Check out the role overview below. If you’re confident you’ve got the right skills and experience, apply today.

Ideal role for an aspiring Clinical, Education or Psychodynamic Psychologist, for example. This role is all about qualifying and disqualifying areas for yourself.

In this LSA role, you will be working in a specialist Autistic school that has an outstanding approach full of restorative practices and positive engagement, pushing their students to have ambitious objectives. The school have a very diverse curriculum with GSCE, AQA and BTEC subjects; all focused on what is the very best for each student. The age of the classes ranges from EYFS through to 16 and GSCE focus.

Ideal placement before considering an MSc or Research Project – you need to qualify and disqualify roles and directions for yourself.

There will be a plethora of socio economic, class, cultural and heritage reasons for why each student is in the school, they will have suffered different traumas and all different contexts. It is a case of forming relationships with each students, over an extended period of time. You may help plant ideas that you will not see the full, positive effects or end results from, know that they are there and will happen.

Understanding the dichotomies, diversity and cultural effects on mental health in an area like Buckingham or Windsor and Maidenhead is vital to being able to have the stoic and durability nature to thrive in this role. Previous experience of autism within your own family or through voluntary/paid work you have.

Many of the students will be incredibly charismatic; they will keep you on your toes every day. There will be some elements of Social, Emotional and Mental Health with challenging behaviour from some students, otherwise will be very introverted. Either way, it can often take a long time to form lasting impactful relationships; it is being prepared for that.

Psychology Graduate Windsor and Maidenhead – Education and Training – Psychology Graduate Windsor and Maidenhead

  • Enabling autistic students to access the best education they can, setting up them up with objectives for when they leave school
  • Art Therapy and Occupational Therapies implemented, holistic approach combined with a blended curriculum. SALTs also in place, a great place in which to learn before a MSc
  • Positive re-enforcement and Restorative Practices implemented
  • £75 per day, LSA role is for the academic year to July 2021, 8.15 to 16.15, immediate start
  • Working 1:1 with at least pupils with varying degrees of SEN from Mild Learning Difficulties to Severe Autism

Education and Training in Windsor and Maidenhead, outstanding CPD provided online and within the school

  • Fantastic CPD provided by teachers and tutors, ideal for when you start an MSc or research project. The latter part of the day, once the students have gone home, is training
  • You will be working with likeminded Criminology and Psychology Graduates, with similar objectives

Psychology Graduate Windsor and Maidenhead – Education and Training – Psychology Graduate Windsor and Maidenhead

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