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The core purpose of the Headteacher is to provide professional leadership and management of the school. This will promote a secure foundation from which to achieve high standards in all areas of the school’s work. To gain this success, a Headteacher must establish high quality education by effectively managing teaching and learning and using personalised learning to realise the potential of all pupils. Headteachers must establish a culture that promotes excellence, equality and high expectations of all pupils. This will include ensuring that religious education is in accordance with the teachings, doctrines, discipline and general and particular norms of the Catholic Church.

Make sure to read the full description below, and please apply immediately if you are confident you meet all the requirements.

The ‘preferred future’, expressed in the strategic vision and development of a Catholic school, stems from the educational mission of the Church, which is reflected in the school’s mission statement and school improvement plan.

The Headteacher, working with the directors, governing body and others, is expected to draw on the person, life and teachings of Jesus Christ to create a shared vision and strategic plan, which inspires and motivates pupils, staff and all other members of the community. The vision should explore Gospel values, core educational values and moral purpose and be inclusive of stakeholders’ values and beliefs.

The Headteacher is the leading professional in the school. Accountable to the Local Governing Body and ultimately the directors, the Headteacher provides vision, leadership and direction for the school and ensures that it is managed and organised to meet its aims and targets. The Headteacher, working with others, is responsible for evaluating the school’s performance to identify the priorities for continuous improvement and raising standards; ensuring equality of opportunity for all; developing policies and practices; ensuring that resources are efficiently and effectively used to achieve the school’s aims and objectives and for the day-to-day management, organisation and administration of the school.

The Headteacher, working with and through others, secures the commitment of the wider community to the school by developing and maintaining effective partnerships with, for example, schools (including partner schools in the multi-academy trust and the All Hallows Learning Community), other services and agencies for children, parishes, the diocese, the local authority, higher education institutions and employers. Through such partnerships and other activities, Headteachers play a key role in contributing to the development of the education system as a whole and collaborating with others to raise standards locally.

Drawing on the support provided by members of the school community, the Headteacher is responsible for creating a productive learning environment which is engaging and fulfilling for all pupils

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