Five reasons why the UK is a tech jobseeker’s paradise

Five reasons why the UK is a tech jobseeker’s paradise

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Saurabh Tyagi explains why the UK is the best place for those seeking jobs in the technology industry.

If we were to believe the report by Oxford Economics, London’s burgeoning digital technology sector is going through a superb period right now. The analysts predict that the industry will create more than GBP 12 billion of economic activity and 46,000 new jobs in the next decade. This is a reason good enough for techies to rejoice and put the UK on their job radars.

The comprehensive Oxford Economics Survey report has revealed some startling and delightful facts that might be of great interest to technology professionals throughout the world. According to the survey, London alone will be adding GBP 12 billion to the economy and 46,000 new jobs in the next decade. The technology industry is centered around Silicon Roundabout in Shoreditch. The next decade will also witness an increase of 5.1 percent annual expansion of the tech industry. This tech explosion phenomenon isn’t limited to London only. The entire United Kingdom is becoming famous as the technology hub of Europe.

Here are just five reasons why the United Kingdom is becoming a paradise for jobseekers in technology sector.

1. Home to some of the best talent

In the recent Global Talent Competitive Index, the United Kingdom was ranked among the top powerhouse economies, seventh to be precise. Plus, the higher education sector of the UK outperforms most of the nations on the globe. Again, the proof comes in 2013/2014 QS World University Rankings in which UK was on top of the heap. The reputed Times Higher Education World University Rankings put three UK universities among the world’s top 10. Thus it’s hard to doubt the smartness of the workforce available in UK. One of the top reasons why the UK is a top choice of the best technology companies in the world.

2. Home to a vibrant expat community

Although the UK is quite small when we talk about geographical boundaries, it has one of the most diverse and happening expat community. Pockets like The Royals, Wimbledon, and Downtown Abbey are famous for housing expats, mostly of who are entrepreneurs and white collar professionals. Besides some of the best jobs in UK, these professionals also come to London to enjoy the rich cultural heritage, food and wine.

3. Home to a buzzing tech cluster

With the support of the government, London is quickly developing into a tech hub. The technology industry has benefitted a lot from the Tech City initiative of the government which was started in East London to promote and develop the tech ecosystem. To date, the area has become home to over 3,200 tech companies and has also become one of the hottest locations in the tech world right now. London might be at the heart of this tech boom, but it certainly isn’t the only city with the best jobs in the UK. A significant percentage of the digital economy is based outside the city. Tech Nation reported that there are 21 digital clusters in the whole of the UK. Some of the best known clusters outside of London include Cambridge, Newcastle, Leeds and Manchester.

4. Home to future business growth

The UK shows immense promise in the future as well. The reason behind the UK’s burgeoning tech economy is the government’s favourable policies which promote startups. With the new rules in place, a company needs as little as 24 hours to get registered and only six days to start up completely. This is the actual reason why three times more companies choose to establish themselves in the UK over other European nations. Besides, the UK government also takes cyber security more seriously than other countries. With the National Cyber Security Programme, the country has shown strong intent to fight and not tolerate any kind of cyber terrorism, making the place safest for any kind of business, whether it is cyber or otherwise.

5. Home to numerous success stories

In the three years from 2009 to 2012, the number of technology companies in London has increased by 76 percent out of which 15 percent are digital. There are many promising startups of UK origin including Shazam, YPlan, SwiftKey and TransferWise. This shows that the tech community is growing fast which is further persuading the growth of new startups. Technology is booming in the UK right now and every global citizen interested in technology should be trying to make a mark here.


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