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Inheritance tax UK

The implications of UK inheritance tax, law and UK wills for foreigners

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How much is inheritance tax in the UK? This guide explains when UK inheritance law applies and how much UK inheritance tax you have to pay, plus how to write a UK will to protect your assets.

UK tax system

A complete guide to the UK tax system


Learn more about taxes in the UK, estimate your income tax and discover if you'll be classed as a resident or non-resident taxpayer in the UK.

Income tax UK

The UK income tax system: Full-time employment


If you are working in the UK, your UK tax contributions will be collected in different ways, depending on your circumstances.

What happens if I do not pay national insurance in UK

What happens if I do not pay National Insurance in the UK?


What happens if you do not pay National Insurance in the UK? This article answers that question plus all the information you need to decide if you should pay national insurance contributions or not.

UK corporation tax

UK self-employed tax and net income calculation


Find out which self-employment tax or corporation tax is relevant to your UK business and calculate your net income, plus which business expenses can be claimed as tax exemption.

UK expat tax advice: Expat tax issues in the UK


UK tax advisor Kieran offers his consulting services to provide UK expat tax advice on the important tax issues to consider when moving to the United Kingdom.

Tax basics for Canadian expats


Canadians are taxed on worldwide income; two Canadian tax experts advise on how Canucks abroad can avoid paying more tax than they need to.

Tax for US expats living abroad

Tax help for US expats


As the annual deadline looms for filing your US tax return, here are a few facts to help ensure your taxes are filed correctly before the IRS catches up.

Tax for UK expats

Expert tax tips: Considerations for UK expats


Dean Power explains how UK expats can ensure they are paying the correct UK taxes and maximise the opportunities available to them as UK expats living abroad.

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