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Sue Bailey
Sue Bailey

Good afternoon,
I recently moved to the UK from The Netherlands and bought a car. I am trying to get car insurance but so far I have been shocked by the ridiculous quotes. I have been driving since 18 years. Could you give me some advice as to where to search, so I can find a reasonable quote?
Thank you so much in advance.
Kind regards,

by esther verschoor on 28 Apr 2014 Read Answer
Sue Bailey
Sue Bailey

I am struggling to find a UK car insurer to get my oversea no claims discount from Canada (just repatriated) to be acknowledged. I have a letter from my Canadian insurer in English on their letterhead. Do you know of UK insurance companies that will accept my NCD please? Thank you in advance

by Cara on 10 Jan 2014 Read Answer
Sue Bailey
Sue Bailey

I need to know about expatriate insurance plan which should be valid in US and Scotland.

by Harvinder Singh on 27 Jun 2013 Read Answer
Sue Bailey
Sue Bailey

Dear Sue,

I have recently purchased car insurance from Clements, and it was due to start from 12:00 midnight 25/09/11. I am a UK resident, and have just checked on MID about my car being insured. I was shocked to see that my car is not insured. What should I do now?

Kind Regards,

by Mudassar Ahmed on 25 Sep 2011 Read Answer

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