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Andrew Dekany
Andrew Dekany

Good afternoon Andrew,

I am after some advice for my partner.

He is originally from Brazil, but is now an Australian resident. He studied Software Engineering at Uni in Brazil, and in Sydney, he worked for a network company as a Business Analyst for four years.

As we met travelling, and I am a UK citizen, he is now seeking employment in England, which will fit his expertise.

I wonder if you could point me in the right direction, does he look for work first and hope they may sponsor him? or is there special sites that offer sponsorship? would he even be able to get sponsorship in the field that he has experience in?

Thank you so much for your help in advance.

Jo Lothian

by Joanna Lothian on 03 Oct 2016 Read Answer
Andrew Dekany
Andrew Dekany

Dear Andrew,

I am from Hong Kong and my sister is living in London. I am looking for any opportunity that I can working in London and living more close to my sister. I gained a Master Degree in Chinese Contemporary Studies. I have been working for magazines, relationship manager in financial institute. I have been also worked for a shoes trading company 5 years ago. I think I have no special expertise so I am eager to work in some junior post whichever I can living more close to my sister.

Looking forward to your advise.



by Mandy on 05 Sep 2016 Read Answer
Andrew Dekany
Andrew Dekany

Dear Andrew

I am an Indian national and I am a qualified Company Secretary with post graduate Diploma in International business and I have gained about 2 years experience and I wish to move out of India and also I will be pursuing ICSA-UK, now I wish to seek your guidance how can I obtain work permit or any sponsor, as I am planning to move as early as possible and start a job there and study as well.

Thanks in advance.

by Bhanu Lakhanpal on 28 Apr 2016 Read Answer
Andrew Dekany
Andrew Dekany

Hello Andrew,
My wife and I are American citizens and have been living in the UK for almost 5 years with Tier 2 ICT visas (new rules). As such we are required to leave this upcoming June. My company is most likely relocating me to Amsterdam to continue working for the company there.

My wife has found a job in London and the company would very much like to keep her. She manages a tele-sales team for a holiday vendor.

There is a treaty between the United States and the Netherlands called the Dutch American Friendship Treaty (I love the acronym) that allows an American to start a business in NL for a fairly low investment and automatically receive a visa to work for that business.

Would it be possible for her to switch to a contractor role where she starts her own Dutch business and works from home in Amsterdam for her current employer? I think if she were on-shore she would essentially be a caught in the IR35 ruling, but she would be an employee of an off-shore company providing services back to her current employer.

Any thoughts or direction to a solicitor who could advise us on this process?


by Marc Fessler on 04 Feb 2016 Read Answer
Andrew Dekany
Andrew Dekany

My future husband and I are getting married in November. He's German and lives in Germany and I am Colombian living in UK. We want to apply for Family reunion RP in January. I have been in UK for 2 years and have a master's degree in Fashion marketing and now doing a PhD. I have spoken to the Embassy in London and they say that my degree might not be a waiver for the language requirement. However, on the website they do not specify this, only refer to having a MA. I have been in Germany twice for 2 months in total and took an A1 course at the volksschule and have the certificate to prove it. Is this enough? How do we know if they will take my master's degree? Do you suggest any other way?

by Stephanie on 04 Nov 2015 Read Answer
Andrew Dekany
Andrew Dekany

I am a US citizen moving to Scotland with my husband while he does a one year masters program. I am applying as a dependent on his Student Visa. I have been offered a job by a company in the Netherlands that has agreed to let me work remotely from Scotland. Is it possible for me to work for a company in whose country I am not residing?

by Anna on 15 Jul 2015 Read Answer
Andrew Dekany
Andrew Dekany

I am a British citizen working currently abroad, can I issue an ID card or should I wait until I am back home? I have mine in the UK, at my registered address. Thanks

by Jim on 04 Jun 2015 Read Answer
Justin Finch
Justin Finch

Dear Mr. Finch,

I am a US citizen that has fallen in love with England. I was statiioned there from 2010-2013 with the military. I am still in the military working in the administartion field. Would it be hard for me to find a job with my expertise, military training and discipline and over 10 years of experience? I have an Associates Degree in HR and working on a Bachelors Degree in Management.

by Randall Thompson on 23 Mar 2015 Read Answer
Andrew Dekany
Andrew Dekany

Dear Mr. Dekany,

I am a 28 year old British citizen, moving back to London in October after living in the US for 23 years. Are there any recruiting agencies I can use to help me find a job before I leave? Also are there any limitations for me as far as employment goes since I have been out of the country for so long? Lastly are there any services out there that will help compose a UK CV?

Thank you in advance for your help.

by Toni on 23 Jun 2014 Read Answer
Andrew Dekany
Andrew Dekany

I am a US citizen residing in the US, and I would like to seek employment in the EU (particularly UK) but of course am encountering the work permit issue. I have read that if your parent is a native of one of the countries in the EU, then you can apply for dual citizenship and then obtain the work permit. My mother is a native of Macedonia (former Yugoslavia), but Macedonia is not yet a member of the EU. Are there any options to using my mother's nationality in this scenario?


by Diane K on 01 May 2014 Read Answer

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