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Streaming Services

Watch your home country's TV abroad: a guide to international streaming ser...


With content delivery services that offer access to your favourite TV programmes from your home country around the world, living abroad has never been easier.

Ferries across the Channel

Ferries across the Channel: getting around Europe by boat


Travel between mainland Europe and the UK has never been easier, and if you’re sick of air travel there remains the classic option: take a boat.

Cost of living in the UK

Cost of living in the UK

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If you're considering moving to the United Kingdom, it is advised to research London house prices, the cost of living in Edinburgh and other cities, along with childcare costs, British food prices, energy prices, and more before you land on British soil.

Roads in the UK

The surprising truth about driving in the UK


Full of its little quirks, the United Kingdom never fails to produce a few welcome surprises. One of these is that sometimes it’s cheaper to explore the country by car than to book a seat on the train.

Crime in the UK

Crime and the legal system in the UK


Having a basic idea about crime levels in the UK, areas to avoid, plus an understanding of the legal system, can make your life in the UK much safer.

Emergency phone numbers in the UK

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What number to call in the event of an emergency in the UK.

Airports in the UK


If you're travelling to the UK, here's a guide on the main airports in London and beyond, as well as information on UK airports and bookings.

UK transport

UK transport: Trains, metro, buses, and taxis in the UK

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Overview of various UK public transportation in the UK, from travelling by bus, coach, rail, or taxi.

UK political parties

The political system of the United Kingdom


Here is Expatica's short introduction to the political system of the United Kingdom, and some notable UK political parties of influence.

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