Russia against new UN call for action in Libya: Lavrov

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Russia will not back a new UN Security Council resolution on Libya if it calls for further foreign intervention, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

In comments on the Interfax news agency, Lavrov noted that a new resolution on the conflict was not being discussed, but added that "if it leads to a further escalation of civil war through one method or another, including foreign intervention, we will not be able to support it."

Russia, however, could back new UN action if it "calls for an immediate end to all violence, bloodshed, the use of force, military action, and calls on all sides to immediately sit down at the negotiating table," Lavrov added.

Russia abstained from the March vote on the Security Council no-fly zone resolution, refraining from using its veto in a move that drew praise from the West.

But Russia has since expressed regret that the West was increasingly being drawn into a conflict that threatened to spill into a ground operation.

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