Ukraine crisis: two tense weeks

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Key events in two weeks that saw dozens killed in Ukraine's deadliest post-independence violence, the president forced to flee and pro-Russian forces take over Crimea, sparking what has been described as the worst crisis since the end of the Cold War:

FEBRUARY 18: Violence erupts as 20,000 pro-European protesters rally in Kiev to demand president Viktor Yanukovych be stripped of key powers after he rejected an EU trade deal in favour of closer ties with Russia.

20: Police fire on protestors. An official toll lists 82 people killed in three days, including around 15 police.

22: Parliament impeaches Yanukovych, and he flees Kiev. Presidential elections are planned for May 25.

Opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko is released from prison.

23: Parliament elects Tymoshenko ally Oleksandr Turchynov as interim president.

26: Russia rejects Ukraine's new leadership, puts armed forces on high alert.

- Pro-Russian demonstrators brawl with supporters of interim authorities in Simferopol, capital of the Russian-speaking peninsula of Crimea.

27: Pro-Russian gunmen seize parliament and government buildings in Simferopol, raising the Russian flag.

28: Ukrainian interior minister denounces an "armed invasion" by Russian forces.

MARCH 1: Russian parliament authorises President Vladimir Putin to send troops into Ukraine. Ukrainian army adopts a state of alert.

- A March 30 referendum is planned in Crimea to see if residents want more autonomy.

- US President Barack Obama warns Putin of reprisals. Putin says Russia can "protect its interests and Russian-speaking populations".

2: Ukraine's interim Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk says Russia has declared war.

3: Ukraine accuses Russia of sending more troops to Crimea, where military bases are surrounded.

- 4: Putin denies Russia has sent troops, says force will only be used as a last resort. Obama claims Putin is not "fooling anybody".

- 5: Russian forces take partial control of two Ukrainian missile sites.

- Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov hold direct talks on Ukraine in Paris.

- The EU unveils an aid package worth at least 11 billion euros.

- UN envoy Robert Serry cuts short his mission to Crimea after threats by unidentified gunmen, the UN says.

- NATO says it is stepping up its cooperation with Ukraine but reviewing "an entire range" of cooperation with Russia.

- 6: Pro-Moscow authorities in Crimea ask Putin to examine a request to join the Russian Federation, Crimean referendum planned for March 16.

- Ukrainian police regain control of regional government offices in Donetsk eastern Ukraine, a day after they were taken over by pro-Russian militants.

- The US will send six more fighter jets to step up NATO's air patrols over the Baltic states, mission host Lithuania says.

- EU holds summit on crisis, freezes assets of Yanukovych, and 17 others.

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