Two Western photographers hurt in east Ukraine

24th May 2014, Comments 1 comment

Two Western photographers were wounded on Saturday along with their Russian translator while covering fighting raging in Ukraine's separatist east.

William Roguelon of France's Wostok Press agency told AFP by telephone that the three men were hit in an attack moments after getting out of their car on the frontline between separatist and Ukrainian forces just south of the rebel stronghold city of Slavyansk.

Roguelon, who did not specify who opened fire, said he was wounded in both legs but managed to make his way to a Slavyansk hospital after being allowed to get out of the area by the separatists.

A separatist commander quoted by Russian agency Ria Novosti also said the group were caught in an attack.

The incident is the first reported case of Western reporters being wounded in fighting in the east of Ukraine.

Slavyansk fell under rebel control in early April at the start of a separatist insurgency in the industrial Donetsk and Lugansk regions near Russia.

The city is encircled by federal forces and the scene of daily fighting.

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  • Matt posted:

    on 25th May 2014, 17:36:45 - Reply

    Russia steps up war on U.S. dollar -for dummies

    Each time you click "news" about "NATO v Putin" you are in fact being mocked by the illuminati.
    Real Putin, wife and daughters murdered 2010. Fake Putin openly tells that he's an illuminati agent.

    Ukraine "Election": see here the final result BEFORE it will be pubilshed:

    Poroshenko wins at 52% (number can be slightly different, in any case above 50%).
    Impostor impersonating Putin congratulates "winner", thus making the situation a perfect parallel to Syria:
    - government recognized by Russia bombs own citizens, starting with children and women, as "elections" are staged.

    Detail difference: in Ukraine
    - the bombed are not arabs but ethnic russians.
    - the government officially announces that will do all it can to take over one of the republics of the Russian Federation, more precisely Crimea.