Russia to deploy 'striking forces' if rejected on ABM: Putin

1st December 2010, Comments 0 comments

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Russia will build up its "striking forces" including nuclear weapons to ensure security if a joint decision on missile defence fails, CNN said Wednesday.

Putin was interviewed by CNN's Larry King for the second time since 2000, shortly after President Dmitry Medvedev warned in his annual address of a possible new round of the arms race if the sides do not agree on the European missile defence shield.

If Russia's proposals on the European system "are met with negative answers only" while additional threats appear, "Russia will have to ensure her own security," Putin said in previewed excerpts of the interview.

"Striking forces" would include "new missile, nuclear technology," he said. "This is not our choice, we do not want that to happen," but this is what will happen "if we do not agree on a joint effort there," Putin said.

The interview will air at 9:00 pm Eastern Time in the United States, or 0500 GMT.

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