Recent Russian air crashes: a fact file

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The deadliest plane crashes in Russia over the past 10 years:

- Tuesday June 21: 44 dead and eight seriously injured when a Tupolev 134 airliner crashes on its landing approach to Petrozavodsk in northwestern Russia.

- April 10, 2010: All 96 people aboard a Russian Tupolev 154 carrying Poland's president and other top Polish officials die when the presidential jet crashes near Smolensk.

- September 14, 2008: 88 dead when an Aeroflot Boeing flying from Moscow to Perm in the Ural Mountains crashes on its landing approach.

- July 9, 2006: 125 people die when an Airbus operated by a Siberian company veers off the runway on landing in Irkutsk, hits a wall and catches fire. More than 70 people survive.

- May 3, 2006: All 113 people aboard an Armenian Airbus plane flying from Yerevan to Sochi in southern Russia die when the craft comes down in the Black Sea on its landing approach.

- July 3, 2001: All 145 passengers and crew on a Siberian Tupolev 154 flying from Yekaterinburg in the Ural Mountains to Vladivostok in the Far East die when the craft crashes before landing for refuelling in Irkutsk. Pilot error is blamed.

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