Question surround Berezovsky's death

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Questions surrounded the circumstances of Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky's death on Saturday, with his lawyer saying he may have committed suicide and his close friend denying this was the case.

Berezovsky's lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky told Russian state television that he had been informed that Berezovsky had committed suicide after suffering from weeks of depression.

"They called me from London to tell be that Berezovsky killed himself," Dobrovinsky told the Rossiya 24 news channel.

"Berezovsky has been in a terrible state as of late," said Dobrovinsky.

"He was in debt. He felt destroyed," said the lawyer. "He was forced to sell his paintings and other things."

Dobrovinsky added that a mutual friend had told him that Berezovsky had recently asked one person to lend him $5,000 so he could buy a plane ticket.

But his friend Demyan Kudryavtsev firmly denied that Berezovsky had killed himself.

"No! This is not so!" he was quoted as saying by the Prime news agency.

"Nobody knows this. There are no external signs of a suicide. There are no signs that he injected himself or swallowed any pills," Kudryavtsev said.

"No one knows why his heart stopped," said the friend.

Berezovsky, a one-time billionaire, saw his fortune dwindle while living in exile in Britain.

He was also reported to have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on a 2012 lawsuit that he eventually lost in London to fellow tycoon Boris Abramovich.

Last week, Berezovsky was forced to put up for sale one of his Andy Warhol prints after selling some properties in the preceding weeks.

Berezovsky died in Britain at the age of 67.

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