Moscow police arrest a dozen after anti-Putin rally: AFP

10th March 2012, Comments 0 comments

Moscow police on Saturday arrested about a dozen protestors, including radical leftist leader Sergei Udaltsov, who had tried to march after a rally against president-elect Vladimir Putin.

The group of over 100 protestors were first blocked by a human chain of riot police in a pedestrian underpass and then again outside a metro station when around a dozen of them were roughly arrested and dragged away.

The protestors -- who appeared to include the more radical elements of the rally held against Putin -- had wanted to march to the central Pushkin Square but in the end got not even close to their destination.

"We wanted to discuss our plan of action there but we were blocked and we were then roughly arrested by the police," Udaltsov told Moscow Echo radio by telephone from the police van where he was being held.

Udaltsov, who served several short jail terms last year for taking part in unsanctioned protests, had earlier urged people to turn out for more rallies in Moscow leading up to Putin's inauguration as president in May.

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