Main attacks involving Russia's rebellious Caucasus region

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The brazen attack Tuesday on the Chechen parliament is only the latest in a long list of operations carried out by militants from Russia's turbulent North Caucasus region, where Moscow has been unable to impose calm despite two wars since 1994.

Herewith a fact file on the main attacks carried out by or blamed on militants since the start of the second Chechen war in 1999.


August: Hundreds of homegrown Muslim radicals and militants from Chechnya launch attacks in Dagestan in an attempt to establish an Islamic state, killing hundreds before the attack is stamped out by the Russian army.

September: Attacks on five apartment buildings in Moscow and southern Russia leave nearly 300 dead.


August 19: A Russian military transport helicopter is downed in Chechnya, killing 121 people.

October 23: Militants take 800 people hostage in a Moscow theatre and 129 are killed following an assault by Russian forces.

December 27: A suicide attack in the Chechen capital Grozny leaves 83 dead.


July 5: Fifteen people are killed in a suicide attack at a concert in Moscow.

August 1: Fifty people are killed after a suicide bomber drives a truck loaded with explosives into a military hospital in North Ossetia.


February 6: An attack on the Moscow Metro leaves 41 dead.

May 9: Chechen president Akhmad Kadyrov is killed in a bomb attack on a football stadium in Grozny.

June 22: About 200 militants launch attacks in the Ingush city of Nazran, killing 88 people, mostly police and soldiers.

August 23: Female suicide bombers blow up two planes while in flight, killing 89 people.

September 1: Militants seize a school in the North Ossetian town of Beslan, holding more than 1,000 hostages for three days before a controversial assault by special forces that left 330 dead, including 186 children.


October 13: Militants launch attacks in the city of Nalchik, leaving 92 insurgents, 33 members of security forces and 12 civilians dead.


August 17: Twenty-four people are killed in a suicide attack on police in Ingushetia.

November 27: A bomb derails a train travelling between Moscow and Saint Petersburg, killing 39.


March 29: A double suicide attack in the Moscow Metro leaves 40 dead.

September 9: Sixteen people are killed by a car bomb near a market in the city of Vladikavkaz.

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