Libya is 'out of control': Medvedev

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Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Tuesday that the situation in Libya had slipped out of control and indicated that its strongman leader Moamer Kadhafi needed to resign.

Speaking in an interview with Chinese television, a transcript of which was published by the Kremlin, Medvedev said no-one appeared to be able to control the situation in Libya including Kadhafi, rebels or NATO.

"It has already spun out of control, no-one controls it," he said. "It has already spiralled out of control, and this is very sad."

Reiterating Russia's position, he criticised NATO's military campaign saying the plan to enforce a no-fly zone over the country had been reduced to the use of force.

"Nevertheless the result has been achieved and as far as I understand, everyone has different plans in this regard. The Europeans say one thing, the Americans says another thing, one day 'we will participate', another day 'we will not participate'."

On Medvedev's orders Russia abstained from the UN Security Council resolution that authorised the military action, refraining from using its veto which would have prevented the motion being adopted.

Russia has earlier said the time had come for Kadhafi to step down and Medvedev appeared to reiterate that sentiment.

"All the politicians, who are there, should make responsible decisions for the sake of the Libyan people," Medvedev said. "Someone has to take a serious, maybe fateful decision to leave, give his country an opportunity to develop."

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