Key points of new Ukraine peace protocol

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Ukraine and pro-Russian separatists agreed a deal on Saturday to reinforce a two-week-old ceasefire, calling for the creation of a demilitarised zone and the withdrawal of all foreign fighters.

Following are the nine points of the so-called Minsk Memorandum signed in the Belarussian capital by representatives of Kiev, Moscow, the rebels and the European security group the OSCE.

Russia's RIA Novosti news agency published the text of the memorandum as read out by Kiev's representative at the talks, former Ukrainian president Leonid Kuchma.

- 1: The ceasefire is mutual and to be respected by all sides drawn into the conflict

- 2: Military units from both sides must halt at the frontline from September 19.

- 3: Offensive operations and the use of all weapons are banned.

- 4: Within 24 hours of the memorandum's signing, weapons of more than 100 mm calibre must be pulled back at least 15 kilometres (nine miles) from the frontline, including from population centres, to create a ceasefire zone at least 30 kilometres (19 miles) wide.

- 5: Heavy weapons and military hardware are banned from population centres.

- 6: Planting of mines at the boundary of the security zone is banned and all mines must be cleared

- 7: Military aircraft and foreign aircraft, with the exception of OSCE aircraft, are banned from flying above the security zone.

- 8: An OSCE observer mission is to be deployed in the ceasefire zone within 24 hours of the adoption of the memorandum.

- 9: All foreign armed groups, military hardware as well as militants and mercenaries are to be withdrawn from Ukrainian territory under OSCE monitoring.

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