Chechen gang beats French cop

27th August 2010, Comments 8 comments

A gang of Chechens beat up an undercover French cop who criticised one of them for jumping the queue at a tobacconist, police sources told AFP on Friday.

Three members of of the four-strong gang were arrested after Thursday evening's assault and were found to be from Chechnya, the semi-autonomous Russian republic notorious as a base for international organised crime.

A detective from the criminal investigative division in France's Riviera resort city of Nice was attacked after he called out to a man who pushed past him in as he waited to buy cigarettes in a bar kiosk.

The gang immediately set about the officer, and dragged him outside, pushed him to the ground and beat and kicked him, police sources said.

Other members of the detective's quad intervened and were able to arrest three of the assailants. They were due to appear in court on Saturday.

Nice has had strong ties with the Russian community since before the 1914 Revolution, when it was popular with wealthy so-called White Russian tourists. Since the fall of Communism it has again become popular with Russia's capitalist "new rich".

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  • John posted:

    on 31st August 2010, 07:59:22 - Reply

    Well, our french friends are the first europeans who finally begin to understand the crivminal and fashist future of Pax chechen. Hope this gangsterz are in jail now.
  • Kleister posted:

    on 29th August 2010, 13:12:49 - Reply

    Well...The europeans will call them russians wich is not true. Chechens dont consider themselves as russians. Chechens are real barbarians with no respect for european culture and civil life. They bring death, tears and destruction to everywhere they go. Europe will soon suffer a lot from this nation.
  • ji posted:

    on 28th August 2010, 16:21:25 - Reply

    у них большие проблемы с поведением и воспитанием, со временем европа поймет кого она защищает
  • козлоеб posted:

    on 28th August 2010, 15:21:10 - Reply

    Мы радуемся в
  • Svinodav posted:

    on 28th August 2010, 13:59:49 - Reply

    Заеб..шся расстреливать, свинорылое уеб...ще. Лучше за женой смотри, опять она с соседом-армяном тр..халась в подъезде.
  • Сергей posted:

    on 28th August 2010, 06:14:08 - Reply

    2Rostyslav: 1
    2guest: спасибо что напомнили о бесхребетности нашей власти, но факта того что чечены, азеры и даги понимают только язык пиздюлей это не отменяет.
    расстрелы и посадки, посадки и расстрелы спасут евроазиатский континент от анархии обезьян
  • guest posted:

    on 28th August 2010, 01:14:05 - Reply

    лично к вам никто не просился.
    Огромная просьба не пиз..ть.Займите себя последствями пожаров и вырубкой леса в Химках.
  • Rostyslav posted:

    on 28th August 2010, 00:41:40 - Reply

    Напускали черножепых зверей...