Wellness in Moscow

Expat guide: Wellbeing in Moscow

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Here's a short introduction to our wellbeing in Moscow, from ways to relax to ways to look sexy for the summer.

Wellbeing is defined as 'the state of being happy, healthy or prosperous'. Being all three is no mean feat. For expats seeking that balance, especially just after relocating, achieving wellbeing can be especially challenging.

Relocation challenges
The stress involved with moving to a new country, discovering your new identity and unpacking yourself, throws many expats off balance. It's true that traumas, bad relationships and life's disappointments seem to become a thing of the past as you face a new future full of possibilities. But once the honeymoon wears off in your new location, the subsequent expatriate adjustment process can be difficult as one settles into a new culture and lifestyle.

In 2010, Expatica introduced several new online experts to help you tackle the day-to-day issues of living abroad. Read our introduction to this new series with tips on how to cope with living away from friends and family.

Expat counselling can be useful in some cases—check out Expatica’s A-Z listings and Groups & Clubs listings to find expat care near you. For some expats, simply getting out and about, making an effort to get involved in the local and international community is enough to get back on track.

As Expatica article ‘Notes for country movers’ points out to singles: Don't become a hermit or a bar-fly. Get out and about. Try to network with the expat community. Read expat newspapers or magazines. Socialise with people from the office; carry on with your favourite sports, hobbies or interests. This way, you'll meet like-minded people, even if they don’t speak the same language. Couples, especially if one partner isn’t working, also need to focus on making new contacts and building up a network in their new land.

Not used to winter days? Learn how to tackle the seasonal blues with light therapy and fight spring fever with simple remedies. Read about the dangers of all work and no play, and how to best tackle homesickness when feeling down and out.

Fun in the sun
Summertime in Russia is vibrant and lively, and Expatica has many tips on how to revitalise yourself and prepare to look summer sexy and shed some skin. See how to throw the best garden parties, the best way towards a healthy tan, or the best ways to kill time during the day with some picnic fun. Overall, take care of yourself in the summer heat. Know how to stay sensible in the sun, and don't forget the benefits of a good sleep despite your wild summer nights.

Networking and going out
If you’re looking for a partner, join Expatica’s dating site or or plan your own night (or day) out.

Relaxation time
Check out Expatica articles to find the best recreation spots in your area for a walk with the dog, or simply go for a stroll to clear out the cobwebs of the day. Make use of the Expatica A-Z listings to search for regional health clubs, spas and beauty salons should you feel like pampering yourself. Read more about the benefits of meditation, healthy love making, and overall tips for a low-cost route to a wealth of health.

Join a group
Lastly, whether you take up yoga, wine tasting, or enroll in a course, you’ll find joining groups a great way to meet people. For mothers with young children, joining a local playgroup can help you to make new friends and pick up tips such as where to find a reliable babysitter and where to send your child to school.



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