Editor's Guide: Expat Voices in Moscow

Editor's Guide: Expat Voices in Moscow

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Read this brief guide to learn more about our Expat Voices section and share your thoughts on life in Moscow by filling out a questionnaire.

Our Expat Voices series gives the international community a chance to share their perspectives on life in Moscow. We now have four different Expat Voices questionnaires catered to artists, writers, entrepreneurs, and expats with opinion in general. Want to be published? Fill one out!

Expat Voices

Our original Expat Voices questionnaire invites you to share your initial experience of living in Moscow. We ask about shopping, food, language, culture and what you like most and least about living in Moscow.

"I love the food and variety; a lot of oriental cuisine serving sushi among others and many cafes where you can eat European cuisine. Among typical Russian food, I love pelmeni, blini and of course the typical shashlik (barbecue) on dacha (country house)," says Evy Hua when listing the things she enjoys most as an expat in Moscow.

When asked what puzzles her most in Moscow, expat Heidi Lepper Barrett says: "The lack of friendliness of people on the street baffles me, so I miss being able to be openly friendly. The language barrier of course is huge as well, but I just need to buckle down and learn the language."

For Arlene Treutle-Levine, shopping is a whole new ball game compared to her American hometown:

"There are some things that are extraordinarily expensive here so quite often we will stock up on new clothes, t-shirts, new toys and things you can't find in Moscow while visiting family back home. In stores like Ashwan people can be more aggressive. They are not about to let you go ahead of them if you have one item and they have 20."

Expat Entrepreneur

Our Expat Entrepreneurs questionnaire invites entrepreneurs in Moscow to share their experiences of setting up and running their businesses abroad. The encouragement and tips offered by the entrepreneurs participating in this series makes these interviews an invaluable read for those contemplating starting a business in Moscow. For example, when asked what are the top frustrations of haveing a business in Moscow, Children in Moscow answered:

"Sometimes finding updated information can be frustrating. Sometimes even making calls to check a shop's opening hours or details about a restaurant's Sunday Brunch can be harder work than necessary. Some companies are also very skeptical about the website when we let them know they've been added to it. Given that all the entries are listed for free (apart from those that want to take out banner advertising), this seems to be quite a unique concept for many companies in Moscow."

Expat Writer

Expat Writer questionnaires are for published journalists and authors (online and print) with established success as a writer in Moscow.

Expat Artist

How has living abroad influenced your work as an artist?  Our Expat Artist questionnaire finds out more about your life as an international artist in Moscow and asks about your creative work, how you experience the local artistic community and the kinds of financial support which are available to artists working in Moscow. Share your thoughts!

Joining Expat Voices

We'd love to hear what you have to say about life in Moscow. To add your voice and receive the questionnaire, click on oue of our links below to the questionnaire of choice. We also invite you to share images and a video which you feel conveys more about your life abroad. Click below!

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