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I am considering a job offer to work in Moscow on a project as a manager. Once I get to Moscow, I am advised that I will need a work permit. I will most likely be able to get a letter of support from my prospective employer. What I will not be able to provide are copies of any educational documents, as they were obtained forty years ago and I have no idea where they are and the places I studied at are no longer around. Will not being able to produce these documents stop me getting a work permit, or is there a way around this?

Can you advise/provide help please?


by Michael on 21 Jan 2016
Nannette Ripmeester

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Hi Michael,
There is not really a way around this, if you are asked for copies of diplomas, the authorities of a country ‘expect you to be able to reproduce them.
Your best bet is your prospective employer. Depending on their ‘status’ (and their connections), you may be able to pass through the system, but I expect some serious hurdles.
Sorry, not to be the bringer of better news. What you may want to do is get yourself the career guide “Looking for work in Russia”.

Best wishes,

by Nannette Ripmeester on 28 Jan 2016

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