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Geoff Carpenter


Hi, Nannette!

I am currently studying on a Russian language course at Moscow State University. This course ends at the end of June 2017. After that, I am supposed to return home to the UK. However, if it is possible, I would prefer to stay here in Russia or at least come back very shortly after leaving. I would like to work here in Moscow as an interpreter or with languages in general.
My dream is to successfully settle down and start a life here in Moscow. I would greatly appreciate any assistance of information regarding my options. I'm happy to give more details if that helps.

Many thanks.

by Geoff Carpenter on 15 Jan 2017
Nannette Ripmeester

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Dear Geoff,
There are a few ways how we can be of help.
There is a career guide called Looking for work in Russia, which you can order from:
We provide personalised career support, which could help you prepare for the Russian job market. More info can be found here:

Hope this helps,
Best, Nannette

by Nannette Ripmeester on 25 Jan 2017

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