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Dear Nannette Ripmeester,
I am looking for a job in Russia. Can you help me with some kind of advice but international labour market and founded Expertise in Labour Mobility (ELM)? Hope you will understand it is a bit expensive and I am a student here who doesn't have any kind of job.
I really need your help. Please.
Thank you and best regards, Vita.

by Vita on 28 Feb 2015
Nannette Ripmeester

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Dear Vita,

Your question is not entirely clear to me. What nationality are you and are you looking for a graduate job in Russia?
I would advice you to have a look at he culturally tailored CV for Russia which is free of charge available here:
In case you are really serious about getting a job in Russia I would spend a little money (19.95 Euro) and buy yourself a gift in the form of a career guide Looking for work in Russia:

Good luck!

Nannette Ripmeester

by Nannette Ripmeester on 05 Mar 2015

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