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Nannette is an expert in the field of the international labour market and founded Expertise in Labour Mobility (ELM) in 1992. This agency gives advice to companies regarding the communication with their expat population, provides training to prepare working overseas and publishes guides about looking for work abroad and the cultural differences you encounter while working and living abroad. The series of career guides cover more than 40 countries. Before starting ELM Nannette worked for seven years in the field of international labour mobility for the European Commission in Brussels and has project-based work experience in 17 countries.


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I am from Pakistan. I want to make my carer in truck driving. I want to know how much a truck driver earn in Russia. Thanks

by Rizwan on 14 Nov 2017 Read Answer

Hej Nannette,
I am an electrical engineer (power systems, control systems) from Germany and I wondered if you can also apply for a job when you know only a bit of basic Russian language?
Best regards

by Stefan on 04 Apr 2017 Read Answer

Hello Dear,
Hope you will be fine. give me some suggestion.
i am in Bachelor in Arts with 12 years’ experience in Office Management, Customer Dealing in renowned companies of Malaysia and Pakistan; seeking a career position to further develop expertise and experience.

is it possible to get the job with visa in Russia..


by Waqas on 01 Apr 2017 Read Answer
Asif Sayyed

My Name is Sayyed Asif Ali. I have completed my bachelor in physics and I had Electronic Instrumentation as applied subject in which I manage to learn digital electronics, Microprocessor, and C++ basic. I have working experience too though it is not in technical field but in technical sales. I have worked as an IT Channel Sales Officer and technical support engineer for my present company. My learning abilities are very fast and I'm very energetic. I would like to apply for an open work permit in Moscow so that I could get a suitable job for about an year. Please help me with the visa process and eligibility.

by Asif Sayyed on 05 Mar 2017 Read Answer
Geoff Carpenter

Hi, Nannette!

I am currently studying on a Russian language course at Moscow State University. This course ends at the end of June 2017. After that, I am supposed to return home to the UK. However, if it is possible, I would prefer to stay here in Russia or at least come back very shortly after leaving. I would like to work here in Moscow as an interpreter or with languages in general.
My dream is to successfully settle down and start a life here in Moscow. I would greatly appreciate any assistance of information regarding my options. I'm happy to give more details if that helps.

Many thanks.

by Geoff Carpenter on 15 Jan 2017 Read Answer

I am considering a job offer to work in Moscow on a project as a manager. Once I get to Moscow, I am advised that I will need a work permit. I will most likely be able to get a letter of support from my prospective employer. What I will not be able to provide are copies of any educational documents, as they were obtained forty years ago and I have no idea where they are and the places I studied at are no longer around. Will not being able to produce these documents stop me getting a work permit, or is there a way around this?

Can you advise/provide help please?


by Michael on 21 Jan 2016 Read Answer

Dear Nannette Ripmeester,
I am looking for a job in Russia. Can you help me with some kind of advice but international labour market and founded Expertise in Labour Mobility (ELM)? Hope you will understand it is a bit expensive and I am a student here who doesn't have any kind of job.
I really need your help. Please.
Thank you and best regards, Vita.

by Vita on 28 Feb 2015 Read Answer

Good day Ms. Nannette!
I'm an architect from Canada andd now I'm looking for a job of architect or main architect in Moscow. Could you please kindly recommend me the HR-companies specialised on the search of the job in Moscow for the high-qualified foreigners (like me)?
Thank you very much in advance.
Best regards,

by Alex on 22 Sep 2014 Read Answer
Elize Aalders

Dear Maria Studentsova,

I'm a student from the Netherlands and for our minor program: cross cultural business skills we are writing a book about how to get a job in Russia. Could you tell me some experiences or give advise about how to get a job in Russia if you are an expat?

Thank you very much,
Yours sincerely,
Elize Aalders

the website of the minor is:

by Elize Aalders on 04 Apr 2014 Read Answer
Lubo S

Hello, I'm seeking employment anywhere in Russia. I'm college grad, with post graduate degree in fin/acct. services. I have extensive experience in general business including the experience in financial field. I have a dual citizenship, one as the member of EU countries, the other - the USA. I am seeking employment anywhere in Russia within general business, financial, or educational area. I write, read, and speak some Russian. Thank you

by Lubo S on 20 Mar 2014 Read Answer

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