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Portuguese visas

Portugal immigration guide: Portuguese visas and residency permits


Who needs a Portuguese visa? This Portuguese immigration guide covers types of visa in Portugal, Portuguese visa requirements, the Portuguese visa application process and other conditions for arranging a visa for Portugal and immigration to Portugal.

Golden Visa Portugal

Golden Visa Portugal: Requirements for a Portuguese golden visa


Who can get a golden visa in Portugal? This guide explains requirements for a Portuguese golden visa, plus details on Portugal's golden visa program and Portuguese citizenship by investment.

Portuguese citizenship

How to apply for Portuguese citizenship


Who can apply for Portuguese citizenship? This complete guide explains conditions for getting Portuguese citizenship by marriage, Sephardic citizenship, descent, investment and more.

Portuguese passport

How to get a Portuguese passport


If you're not ready or willing to loose your current passport, Portugal may be a good choice. The country allows dual nationality and several options for expats looking to apply for a Portuguese passport. Learn more about Portuguese passport eligibility and more in this guide.

Work in Portugal

Work in Portugal: Portuguese work visas and permits


How can you legally work in Portugal? This guide explains how to get a Portuguese work visa or Portuguese work permit, and which residence permit you need based on your work in Portugal.

Applying for a family visa or Portuguese spouse visa


Relatives and partners can apply for a family visa to join foreigners in Portugal. This guide explains spouse visa requirements and how to apply for a Portuguese spouse visa or Portuguese family visa.

Portugal immigration policy for EU/EFTA citizens and family members


Portuguese immigration policy puts no visa restrictions on EU/EFTA citizens and their family members, although Portugal immigration rules require that they officially register after three months.

Portugal student visa

A guide to Portuguese student visas and requirements


Who needs a Portuguese student visa? This guide explains Portuguese student visa requirements and how to apply for a Portuguese study visa.

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