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Last update on August 14, 2019

We offer a listing of Christmas markets in Portugal to add extra sparkle to the festive season.

The Christmas holidays are very important to the Portuguese who view Christmas a an important time to spend with family and friends, exchange gifts and celebrate the birth of Christ.

Scenes of the Nativity, or the Crèche, are seen in every small town and homes. Some towns host a living Nativity Scene, with locals playing all the key parts, and animals gathered around the holy child.

If you are hoping to enjoy the festive and convivial atmosphere of a bounty of Christmas markets this season, you may be a bit disappointed. In central Portugal, Christmas markets are not as plentiful as in other countries in Europe, and the few that do exist  tend to be crowded. But if the bustle doesn’t bother you, here are three to tickle your festive spirit.

Natalis – Lisbon Christmas Fair

3 – 11 December
The Natalis-Lisbon Christmas Fair aims to gather together a broad display of products, flavours, know-how and gifts, including some fun and entertainment especially for children.

The exhibit includes New Year’s trees (artificial) and decorations, electrical garlands for outside and inside use, fireworks, pyrotechnics, fancy dresses, masks and accessories, package and accessories for presents, interior goods, glass, ceramics, post cards, balloons.

Christmas market in Viseu

10 November – 31 December
From 10 November to 31 December a Christmas market will be held at Rossio square in Viseu. You can shop for regional products and specialties displayed in charming wooden huts. This is certainly a great opportunity to visit the city.

Christmas Bazaar at Quinta Fonte do Bispo, Santa Catarina

26 November
There will be a Christmas Bazaar at Quinta Fonte do Bispo, Santa Catarina, Tavira beginning at 10:30. You can shop for all your Christmas gifts and more at the bazaar. There will also be a children`s charity raffle. Snacks and drinks will be available.

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