Home News Castro Marim voters have choice of three candidates for next mayor

Castro Marim voters have choice of three candidates for next mayor

Published on 30/04/2019

Voters in Castro Marim will have a choice of three candidates in the snap local election after the Alliance Party decided not to put forward a candidate.

The District Committee of the Alliance Party in the Algarve, led by Telmo Martins, announced in a press release that it will not run in the midterm elections in Castro Marim, called by the current mayor who resigned in disgust that none of his plans were able to be voted through due to the balance of power.

The local Council election for Castro Marim is to take place on June 2 and a resolution to the current incapacity of the executive is hoped for, with any clear winner able to effect change and pursue planned projects.

Telmo Martins commented, “This positioning was very thoughtful and had the support of the National Political Committee of the Alliance Party. We decided not to proceed with a candidate for this election primarily out of respect to the local population and because we came to the conclusion that the conditions were not such for the constitution of a list of candidates compatible with the principles and values of the Alliance.”

The competition will be between resigned mayor, Francisco Amaral (PSD), who hopes for an absolute majority, Célia Brito from the Socialist Party and Nuno Osório from the CDU.