Home News British filmmakers shoot scenes for “Miss Willoughby” in Loulé

British filmmakers shoot scenes for “Miss Willoughby” in Loulé

Published on 04/11/2019

Miss Willoughby is the name of the British production by director Mick Davis, which was last week shooting in Loulé.

Despite the story of the film taking place in Cyprus, the production team decided that the city of Loulé would serve as the perfect backdrop for filming purposes, due to architectural and weather similarities. Santo António Convent has been the main site for filming. It is one of the most important convent buildings in the Algarve, classified as a Public Interest Building dating back to the late 17th century,

Philippe Martinez, Alan Latham and Loni Farhi are the producers of the film, and the cast consists of names such as Nathalie Cox, John Rhys-Davies, Matthew Sim, Ian Gerard Whyte, and Ouldad Elma. It should be noted that there is also a Portuguese technical team.

This is the 23rd production in 2019 that has been registered with the Loulé Film Office, a part of the Loulé municipality whose mission is to promote the municipality as a destination for film, television, advertising and photography productions.

As a result of the work developed in recent years, the municipality of Loulé has been a privileged destination for several productions, praised by various figures in the world of cinema and for its scenic multiplicity, but also for its logistical capacity.