H2M1: Theatre where men expose their naked thoughts

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The title, "H2M1" doesn't really say much about the play, or anything else for that matter, but their teaser really works: "The comedy that puts the true nature of men in the nude," grabs us and we go along.

The Independent Theatre of Oeiras (on the outskirts of Lisbon) isn't large enough to accommodate everyone who turns up, attracted with the promise of nudity.

"How many men do you have in your group?" ask the box office staff as they hand you a tape measure. And you wonder... "What am I getting myself into?" Nevertheless, you go along with it and file into the small crowded theatre.

We soon realize what "H2M1" means. The "H" stands for Homem (Men), and the M for Mulher (Women).  There are two men and one woman on stage. Okay. One mystery solved. Now we just have to wait for the true naked nature of men.

The story takes place in the locker-room of a gym where a lawyer and an engineer share thoughts about their lives.  A somewhat ‘clichéd' scenario that brings to life many of the things that men don't talk about in front of women; their fears, their true reasons of happiness, what really bugs them, what they did before they were married, what they do while married--straightforward guy talk interrupted by a woman who analyses each theme and tries them out with the audience.

It's simple guy talk, but it makes you wonder why people always say that women are the complicated ones... And yes. They really get naked in stage. After all it's a locker-room. But don't worry--it's not unsuitable for minors!

Written by Pedro Almeida Ribeiro, with the cast: Carlos d'Almeida Ribeiro, Lourenço Henriques and Rita Frazão.


H2M1: Theatre where men expose their naked thoughts
The play runs from 2 June until 30 July.
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Review by Susana Teodoro

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