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How to fund a travel lifestyle

Geeky Explorer: How to fund a travel lifestyle – without excuses


If you keep finding excuses for not travelling more, here are 24 bloggers who share some inspiration on how they create a travel lifestyle.

Work abroad

Why leave your current job for an overseas opportunity?

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Should you leave the comfort of your home country to pursue an international career? Here are four ways how working abroad can boost your career.

The Brainy Expat: Working abroad from home – Is it for you?

The Brainy Expat: Working abroad from home – is it for you?


The idea of working from home can be both exciting and frightening, depending on your assessment of the pros and cons. Here are 10 top jobs to work from home.

Unfold Conflicts: A cultural conflict at work

Unfold Conflicts: Dealing with cultural conflicts at work


Louise Dancet discusses how cultural differences can easily lead to conflicts at work, and how expats can avoid cultural clashes in a multicultural work environment.

Young, single, new job, new country?

Young, single, new job, new country?


Transferees on their first assignments abroad— especially young, single expats—often are unaware of some of the challenges they will face. Michele Bar-Pereg writes.

Tips for finding employment in Portugal


Samantha Milner offers some expert tips for expats looking for jobs in Portugal.

Expat entrepreneur: Sam Milner on running an internet business from Portuga...

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Sam Milner talks about running an internet business from Portugal, a country where this is not a typical means of gaining income.

Expat Stories: An interview with photographer Cristina Rodero

Expat Stories: An interview with photographer Cristina Rodero


Expat Prakriti Bhanot interviews one of Spain’s greatest photographers, Cristina Garcia Rodero. Rodero is the third person to receive the highest National award for photography in Spain and has published photography books.

Taxes in Portugal

Tax tips for expats in Portugal


UK blogger Samantha Milner shares her comprehensive tips on taxation based on her own experience as an entrepreneur in Portugal.

Self-employment in Portugal

Tips for self-employment in Portugal


Expat Blogger Samantha Milner shares some tips on self-employment in Portugal, having set up an internet business from the Algarve.

Working abroad

Expat Business: Writer, filmmaker and photographer Elena Rossini

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With our focus on international businesswomen, one talented expat making her own way in France talks about the challenges that make her work ambitious but satisfying.

Women working abroad

Career makeovers for expat women


Career coach Krissy Jackson lays out seven steps for expat women towards achieving their career goals.

Work abroad

Is a US brain drain on the horizon?


Havard researcher Vivek Wadhwa warns that as Eastern economies rise expatriates will return, leaving a 'brain drain' of talent in the West.

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