Vote for Expatica Portugal's best blog

Vote for Expatica Portugal's best blog

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We've narrowed down the nominees to three of the most popular articles thus far. Vote for your favourite!

We editors at Expatica love reading the blogs you expats write, and we get a real kick out of sharing them with the Expatica community. This week, we're celebrating our Blogs & Photos channel and would like to invite you to give our bloggers some special attention.

We've shortlisted the top three blog posts from Expatica Portugal and would like you, the readers, to vote for your favourite. Read below for the top three posts from Portugal, then vote for your favourite by CLICKING HERE

Make sure to voice your opinion before midnight on 10 May, 2011. Thanks and we look forward to finding out who your winners are. Now, let's get voting!

Jungle for sale
Blogger Janet Rogers is all set to build a 'dream home' on Portuguese soil... but where are the builders? A quick phone call assures her that work will start after lunch.
"What a strange feeling it is to look up at the untamed pile of dirt that officially belongs to you and realise that this could be the very last time you see it in its state of utter wildness.  This is it.  The big day has arrived.  Things are about to start happening on this raw piece of northern Portuguese soil..."

Tips on self-employment in Portugal
Expat Blogger Samantha Milner shares some tips on self-employment in the Algarve.
"It was ba
ck in 2010 when we finally had everything set up for self-employment in Portugal and, for someone who has no experience with the Portuguese tax system, it felt like one long nightmare…"

My banking experiences in Portugal: the good, the bad, and the ugly
Blogger Piglet in Portugal shares how she finally found a bank that was willing to "go the extra mile" for a bewildered expat.
"When we opened our first bank account in Portugal the only thing I remember was our lawyer marching us up the road to a bank. The rest of the proceedings were a complete blur because said “proceedings” were conducted in Portuguese."

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