Medical terms in Portuguese

Portuguese medical terms

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Here is a short list common medical terms in Portuguese that will be useful when visiting the doctor in Portugal.

If you need to go to the doctor in Portugal, knowing a few terms can help the doctor diagnose you.

  • Arm(s): Braço(s)
  • Bladder: Bexiga
  • Bone: Osso(s)
  • Blood: Sangue
  • Breast: Seio ou mama
  • Cancer: Cancro
  • Chest/breast: Peito
  • Doctor: Médico
  • Ear(s): Ouvido
  • Eye(s): Olho(s)
  • Gums: Gengiva(s)
  • Head (ache): Cabeça (dor de)
  • Heart (attack): Coração (ataque cardíaco)
  • Infection: Infecção
  • Insurance(s): Seguro(s)
  • Kidney(s): Rim (Rins)
  • Leg(s): Perna(s)
  • Liver: Fígado
  • Lung(s): Pulmão (Pulmões)
  • Mouth: Boca
  • Inflammation: Inflamação
  • Pain: Dor
  • Penis: Penis
  • Rash: Erupção cutânea
  • Sick/unwell: Doente
  • Skin: Pele
  • Stomach: Estômago
  • Tonsils: Amígdalas
  • Tooth (teeth): Dente(s)
  • Vagina: Vagina





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