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Last update on August 14, 2019

Our brief introduction to the employment section for Portugal includes guidelines on setting up a business, finding a job and Portuguese management culture.

Looking for work in Portugal? Expatica Portugal covers everything you need to know about expat employment in your new country of residence, from work permits and European employment and immigration regulations to job applications and local labour law. Detailed articles such as Working in Portugal take you through the rules regarding expat employment, including work permits, how to write a CV, application procedures, interview dos and don’ts, and Portuguese management culture.

Starting a company in Portugal

Starting a business in Portugal? Read our essential guidelines, plus Expat Blogger Samantha Milner shares some tips on self-employment in the Algarve. Self-employed entrepreneur? Fill out our Expat Entrepreneur survey and share your experiences of setting up a business in Portugal with other expats.

Presenting yourself

In our short series No resume? No problem… Penelope Brown offer tips on writing a CV, advising that you treat it like a marketing campaign.

Women expats

Women expats are happier at work, according to an Expatica survey of over 450 women living abroad, although opportunities for promotion and low wages continue to trouble women expats at work. According to Expatica’s European employment survey, female expats based in Spain are the happiest, followed by Belgium and France. Expatica’s Employment & Trends channel covers specific issues faced by women working abroad in articles such as Women at work: Making and taking opportunities.

Unemployment benefit in Portugal

Out of work in Portugal? We offer you guidelines to the social security system in Portugal.

Job search

Don’t forget to use our job search function which lists a variety of jobs throughout the country.