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Learning Portuguese in Portugal

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Learning at least some Portuguese can improve your social and work life while living in Portugal.

An introduction to Portuguese

As a result of exploration during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, Portuguese was adopted as a language in Africa (Angola, Cabo Verde, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique and São Tomé and Príncipe), South America (Brazil), Asia (Timor East) and Europe (Portugal). It is now spoken by more than 200 million people.

In the work of Luis Camões, the Lusíadas (1572), Portuguese was already very close to what is spoken today. Since then the language has only experienced minor alterations.

Lessons in Portugal

Language schools in Portugal provide programmes that allow the students to familiarise themselves with both written and spoken Portuguese. Students learn the grammar and pronunciation of the language. Many courses are supported by audio and visual technology and the reading and discussion of periodical articles.

Professionals of any nationality, such as English, Spanish, German or French, work hard to improve their Portuguese so they can communicate with colleagues and business partners. Lessons can be arranged through the office or through an institution. You could take a standard course or opt for private lessons.

Some terms to get you going:

How are you? Como está?

What's your name? Como te chamas?

I don't speak Portuguese. Eu não falo Português.

I'm English. Sou Inglês (male) /Sou Inglesa (female).

Where is....? Onde é...? (Place)
..................   Onde está...? (person/object)

I don't know. Não sei.

How much does it cost? Quanto custa?

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    If you look for intensive Portuguese courses in Lisbon, Faro or Porto, have a look here: http://ibericalanguages.com/portuguese-in-portugal/lisbon/
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